Panel discussion chaired by Jane Bancroft: Any Questions

18th Martineau Society Conference, 12 – 15 July 2012 at Ramada Bristol City Hotel, Bristol, UK

Opening Lecture: Carla Contractor
‘Connections between the Carpenter and Martineau Families’

John Vint
‘Harriet Martineau, Nassau and Poor Law Reform’

Sharon Connor
‘The Age of the Female Novelist’

John Warren
‘Harriet Martineau – or Safety First’

Keiko Funaki
‘Political Economy and Gender of the Victorian Era from Harriet Martineau to the Kensington Society’

Alan Middleton
‘Closed – House and Heart. Harriet’s exclusion zone to James’

Valerie Doulton
‘Deafness – Disability or Empowerment?Reflections from Harriet Martineau’s writings’ with short DVD)

Gaby Weiner
‘Puncturing the Image: Harriet Martineau on Charles Dickens’

Valerie Saunders
‘Harriet Martineau, Mary Oliphant and that Review’

Stuart Hobday
‘Harriet Martineau’s Society in America. An Influential Text’

Any Questions: Panel Discussion chaired by Jane Bancroft

19th Martineau Society Conference, 25 – 28 July 2013 at The Oxford Hotel, Oxford

Opening Lecture: Sue Killoran
‘Harris Manchester Library: Its Things, History and Future’

Sophia Hankinson:
Tributes to Alan Jack Middleton

John Warren
‘Harriet Martineau’s “Mary Campbell: or, the Affectionate Granddaughter” – a tale mercifully forgotten?’

Shu-Fang Li
‘Robert Browning and Harriet Martineau’

Iain Crawford
‘Harriet Martineau, Daniel O’Connell and Writing about Ireland’

Keiko Funaki
‘Harriet Martineau and the idea of New Science’

Elisabeth Arbuckle
‘”An Opulent Unitarian lady”’: Elizabeth Jesser Reid’

Ruth Watts
‘Elizabeth Gaskell, her Martineau connections and a liberal education for women’

Sophia Hankinson
‘A Fjord Revisited and an Apology’

Maiko Ohtake Yamamoto
‘Harriet Martineau’s Deerbrook as a ‘Psychological’ Novel’

John Vint
‘Harriet Martineau and Classical Political Economy’

Any Questions? – Panel Discussion chaired by Bruce Chilton

20th Martineau Society Conference, 21 – 24 July 2014, Alicia Hotel, 3 Aigburth Drive, Liverpool L17 3AA

Opening Lecture: Ken Pye
‘The Triangular Trade’

Beth Torgerson
‘Victorian Competing Conceptions of Illness: Harriet Martineau, Medicine and Life in the Sickroom’

John Vint
‘Harriet Martineau and Political Economy: Adam Smith, James Mill and David Ricardo’

Maiko Ohtake Yamamoto
‘Harriet Martineau and 19th Century Psychology: Monthly Repository Essays and Hartleian Psychology’

Gaby Weiner
‘Harriet Martineau and Feminism’

Keiko Funaki
‘Harriet Martineau’s Illustrations of Political Economy: Her style of political economy’

Stuart Hobday
‘Harriet Martineau and Erasmus Darwin:”Just good friends”’

Elisabeth Arbuckle
‘Harriet Martineau on Proper Dress for Victorian Females’

Sophia Hankinson
‘Robert Braithwaite Martineau and the Irish Question’

Valerie Sanders
‘Harriet Martineau’s Journalism’

John Warren
‘Harriet Martineau and Childhood’

Any Questions? – Panel Discussion chaired by Jane Bancroft


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