Anka Ryall
‘”Erasmus’s Belle”: Harriet Martineau and the Darwins’.

Sarah Knight
‘Harriet Martineau’s ‘”British Rule in India”: A Modern Indian Perspective’

Peter Holloway
‘Harriet’s Head’.

Harriet Martineau Bicentenary 11 – 14 June 2002, Ambleside, Cumbria, England (eighth annual meeting)

Professor Ken Fielding
Wordsworth Memorial Lecture: Harriet Martineau and William Wordsworth (at Rydal Church)

‘ I Would Fain Treat Of Woman’ (Library, Salutation Hotel)

Professor Valerie Sanders
‘An Exceedingly Good Girl At Present”: Harriet Martineau and Queen Victoria’

Professor Marion Just
‘Through Different Eyes: Martineau and de Tocqueville’s Views of Women In America’

Professor Elisabeth Arbuckle:
‘Harriet Martineau and The Wedgwood Circle ‘

Professor Gaby Weiner:
‘Interpreting A Life: The Truth and Harriet Martineau’

Ninth annual meeting, 8-10 August 2003, Harris Manchester College, Oxford

Thomas Dixon
‘Harriet’s Altruism’

Elisabeth Arbuckle
‘Harriet Martineau and Henry Crabb Robinson’

Gaby Weiner
‘”Strengthening of the Body, the cultivation of the Senses, and the enlivening of the Mind”: Harriet Martineau’s views on education’.

Shu Fang Lai.
‘Harriet Martineau and “Once a Week”’

Sophia Hankinson:
‘James Martineau: a Victorian demystified – thanks to Dr Schulman’.

Tenth annual meeting, 1 – 4 July 2004, Wast Hills House, Birmingham
Elisabeth Arbuckle
‘Harriet Martineau and John Chapman’

Sophia Hankinson
‘Lenton and the Richard Martineaus’

Deborah Logan
‘Eastern Life, Present and Past, and Western Ethnocentricity, or How to Observe Morals and Manners in the Middle East’

Gaby Weiner
‘Feminist scholarship in biography & history: placing Harriet Martineau’

Alan Middleton
‘William Morris, Harriet Martineau and James Martineau: a cursory glance at their lives’

Alan Griffiths
‘An Introduction to the Birmingham of the Martineaus’

Valerie Sanders
‘The Martineau Artists’