We are proud to publish  in segments and for the first time, an extensive biography of Harriet Martineau by Elisabeth Sanders Arbuckle (1928-2019), founding member of the Martineau Society, renowned Martineau scholar and previous President of the Society entitled A Nineteenth-Century Woman’s Engaging with Her Times: Harriet Martineau (1802-1876).

As an introduction we provide a brief overview of Professor Arbuckle’s life and achievements

We now proceed with the first five chapters of the book, preceded by a contents list and prologue.

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Click here for the Prologue, Huguenot Background: Gaston Martineau I; the Martineau Family in Norwich (1685-1802)

Click here for Chapter 1, Harriet Martineau Grows Up in Norwich (1802-1819)

Click here for Chapter 2, Young Adulthood (1819-1824)

Click here for Chapter 3, Hard Times: Financial Losses and Death of Thomas Martineau (1824-1826)

Click here for Chapter 4, New Challenges: Harriet’s Marriage Proposal and Elizabeth’s Quarrels with Helen, Tom’s Widow (1826-1827)

Click here for Chapter 5, The Monthly Repository: Martineau Gains Confidence and Extends the Range of Her Writings (1827-1832)

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