James Martineau Bicentenary celebration, “James the Man”, 14-17 July 2005,  University of Liverpool (11th annual meeting)

Introductory lecture : Alan Ruston (editor, Transactions of the Unitarian Historical Society)
‘James Martineau – Political, Social, Personal’

Sophia Hankinson
‘”James Martineau: Home-maker’

Elisabeth Arbuckle
‘Rachel and Ellen’

Deborah Logan
‘The Collected Letters of Harriet Martineau : Family Correspondence’

Elisabeth Arbuckle
‘”James Martineau’s Robe and his Influence in USA’

Shu-fang Lai
‘Harriet Martineau’s Historiettes’

Alan Middleton
‘James Martineau: Engineer’

Simon Rathbone
‘What a Carry-on!’

Gaby Weiner and Valerie Sanders
‘Harriet Martineau on James Martineau, James Martineau on Harriet Martineau’

12th annual meeting, 13-16 July 2006, Moray House School of Education, Edinburgh University

Prof Owen Dudley Edwards, University of Edinburgh
‘Ken Fielding and Harriet Martineau’

Elisabeth Arbuckle
‘Harriet Martineau and her Scottish Friends’

Shu-Fang Lai
‘Harriet Martineau’s Writing on Mary Queen Of Scots’.

Sophia Hankinson
‘The Martineaus in Scotland’

Deborah Logan
‘The Collected Letters Project: Harriet Martineau’s Elusive Legacy’

Aileen Christianson
‘Thomas and Jane Welsh Carlyle: issues of biography, life writing and editing’ (Carlyle Society lecture)

Ted Hovet
‘”I am anything but unhappy”: Harriet Martineau’s exceptional contribution to American Studies’

Lucy Townsend
’Obituaries and Biographical Dictionaries: What can they offer the biographer?’

Ruth Watts
‘Harriet Martineau and Some of her Contemporary Female Writers’

Gaby Weiner
‘A Historical Survey of Eminent Women’

13th Annual Meeting, ‘A Fertile Soil’ 19-22 July 2007, Norwich.

Lecture: Emma Jarvis, Hospital Arts Coodinator, Norfolk & Norwich University Hospital

Elisabeth Arbuckle
‘Harriet Martineau protests from Ambleside, 1866-1876’

John Warren
‘Temper and Temperance: Harriet Martineau and the Ambleside Community’

Sophia Hankinson
‘Fertile Soil: the Norwich background’

Will Frank
‘Harriet in Virginia, 1835’

Valerie Doulton
‘Vera Wheatley and Harriet Martineau’

Shu-Fang Lai
Demerara – Heart and Head’

Ruth Watts
‘Harriet Martineau and the “imperial gaze“’

Deborah Logan
‘Harriet Martineau, Emancipation, and the Bicentary’

Valerie Sanders
‘Harriet Martineau and the Arnolds of Fox How’

14th annual meeting, 17-20 July 2008, Luther King House, Manchester

Rev Dr Ann Peart, Principal, Unitarian College
‘Networks and Social Connections: The role of women in the Unitarian movement with special reference to Manchester’.

John Warren
‘Sister Anna’s Footstool: Harriet Martineau and Roman Catholicism’

Sharon Connor
‘The Happiest Single Woman in Harriet Martineau’s “Deerbrook”’

Ruth Watts
‘Harriet Martineau and the Bluestockings’

Will Frank
‘Harriet Martineau in Charleston, South Carolina, 1835: “Too Painful to Stay Long”’.

Mary Clark
‘Harriet, Elizabeth Gaskell and the Lake District’ (Gaskell Society presentation).

Alan Middleton
‘The religious journey of life as experienced by Harriet Martineau’

Elizabeth Arbuckle
‘The Last Days of Harriet Martineau’

One-day AGM meeting, 19 May 2009, Birmingham Library

Sophia Hankinson: Presidential Address
‘Footprints and Memorials ‘

Alan Middleton
‘Harriet’s translation of Comte’

Gaby Weiner
‘Harriet Martineau and the Suspicions of Mr Witcher’

Extra Meeting, 15-19 July 2009, Eliot & Pickett Houses, Boston, USA

Will Frank
‘Boston and Martineaus’

Elisabeth Arbuckle
‘Harriet Martineau: Last Echoes from America’

Barbara Todd
‘Harriet Martineau At Home’

Jennifer Lavery
‘Unitarian Antislavery in Louisville, Kentucky: The City Where Harriet Martineau Feared to Tread’

Stuart Hobday
‘Harriet Martineau’s influence on “Darwin’s Sacred Cause”’

Susan Hoecker-Drysdale
‘Witch Hunts and Enlightenment: Harriet Martineau’s Critical Reflections on Salem’

Gaby Weiner
‘”The only woman in England who thoroughly possessed the art of writing”. Harriet Martineau and journalism’

16th Martineau Society Conference, 15-18 July 2010, Cumbria University, Ambleside

Lecture: Pamela Woof, President of the Wordsworth Trust
‘Dorothy Wordsworth, Harriet Martineau, and the Lake District’.

Ruth Watts
‘”The spirited pen”: The Ladies Treasury and Harriet Martineau’

Barbara Todd
‘Harriet Martineau and the Autograph/ Birthday Book’

Keiko Funaki
‘Re-evaluation of Harriet Martineau: Consideration in terms of Economic Thought’

Stuart Hobday
‘The Reception and Reaction to the publication of Harriet Martineau’s and Henry G Atkinson’s Letters on the Laws of Man’s Nature and Development and the subsequent effect on Harriet Martineau’s life and reputation’

Shu-Fang Lai
‘Harriet Martineau’s A Family History: A Victorian fantasy about the South Sea Bubble’

Elisabeth Arbuckle: ‘Harriet Martineau: Journalist Extraordinaire’

17th Martineau Society Conference, 7-10 July 2011, Park Hotel, Tynemouth

Lecture: Professor Valerie Sanders, University of Hull
‘Harriet Martineau and Fatherhood’

Shu-Fang Lai
‘Reading “Life in the Sick Room”‘

Reading by Barbara Todd
‘Harriet Martineau and Mesmerism’

Beth Torgerson
‘Harriet Martineau, Mesmerism, and the Maids’

Elisabeth Arbuckle
‘Harriet Martineau applies sociology in the North, 1839-1844’

Keiko Funaki
‘Harriet Martineau in India’

John Vint
‘Harriet Martineau and Industrial Strife: from Theory into Fiction into Melodrama’

Alan Middleton:
‘Closed-heart and house. Harriet’s exclusion zone to James’

Iain Crawford
’”What I dread is being silenced”’: Martineau and Dickens Revisited’

Ruth Watts
‘Harriet Martineau, the Unitarians and Education’

Sophia Hankinson
‘A Brother Lost and Found: the tale of Edward Tagart, Charles Dickens, Beatrix Potter and Transylvania’