MANCHESTER, 23rd -26th July 2019, The Chancellor’s Hotel


Tuesday 23rd July

15.00                   Arrival and registration

15.00-16.00      Martineau Society Committee Meeting

17.15                     Welcome: John Vint, Chair of the Society

17.30-18.30        Opening Lecture by Alan Fowler, “Manchester: the First Industrial City”

19.30                    Dinner

Wednesday 24th July

09.30                  Depart for Visit to Elizabeth Gaskell House

10.00-11.30       Gaskell House Visit (including refreshments)

12.00-12.45       Iain Crawford, “The Sickness and Health of the People of Bleaburn’: HM’s Forgotten Contribution to Household Words

13.00-14.00       Lunch

14.00-14.45        Ann Peart, Cross Street Chapel’s Martineau Connections

14.45-15.30        Beth Torgerson, “Martineau’s – and other Victorians’– Use and Practice of Mesmerism as Alternative Health Care”

15.30-15.45         Coffee/tea

15.45-16.30         Josie McQuail, “Eyes of the World: Martineau’s Eastern Life”

19.30                    Dinner

After-dinner       Quiz?

Thursday 25th July

09.30-10.15        Sue Brown, “James Martineau’s Impact on Bright Young Ladies”

10.15-11.00         Keiko Funaki, “Harriet Martineau and Ireland”

11.15-12.15           Annual General Meeting

12.30-13.30        Lunch

from 14.00          Depart for Manchester City Centre and Visits

15.20-16.20        Visit to Chethams Library – the oldest public library in the English-speaking world (where Marx worked with Engels)

from 16.30          Optional Visits to the Manchester Mechanics Institute or Cross Street Chapel

19.30                    Conference Dinner

After-dinner      Auction?

Friday 26th July

09.30-10.15        Gaby Weiner, “Review of Harriet Martineau, Miss J and Ellen McKee, by G. Peter Winnington”

10.15-11.00          Bob Gamble, “My Dear Bishop”


11.15-12.00          Julie Donovan, “The Response of Irish Writers to Harriet Martineau’s Works on Ireland”

12.00–12.45        Lyn Holt, “Infamous Childhoods and Famous Writers”

13.00-14.00        Lunch

14.00                     Depart